Changements/Cutting new bearing edges

Would you like a better tom mounting system? Or to have reinforcing hoops installed in your shells? A better throw off, a larger snare bed, a different bearing edge? For all this work we are experts and would be glad to help.


You have a favorite set or an old vintage snare. You want to keep it but you don’t like the sound (anymore): Bring or send over your set or snare – we can certainly improve your drums. You can also find some tips for tuning under Tension Watch. Tension Watch.pdf >>> An even tension for the head is absolutely necessary for the very best sound.

Shell shortening

We are asked quite often if we could also shorten deeper shells, like some toms from the eighties. There we just say: no problem!

New lacquering

We also lacquer sets from other brands in your personal finish. Please remember that the Lauper lacquering influences the sound positively.


In order to sound always perfect,, we advise you to service your instruments regularly. Redo the bearing edges, change drum heads, clean and check all hardware parts. We recommend doing these maintenance jobs at least every two years, for drums used professionally even more often.


Of course we do all sorts of repair work.


We can give you advice for buying drum kits, snare drums, hardware spare parts.

Drum Rentals

By request we are also renting out our drum sets.

Maintained, packed sets and ready to play for recording or live purposes. Including Hardware. Without cymbals. (if needed, please ask for it)

Covered by customers insurance. Price changes to reserve







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