Videos with great drumming!

#1: "Fight of Love". Funky SpookyHeavenSound with Jean-Luc Geiser on Drums!

#2: MASI's excellent Video! Song: "Take your Time"

#3: JJ Flueck lays down the groove! "Since you've been gone"

#4: Johny Lippuner's Gospel Drum Demo. Song: "Your are good"

#5: Awesome Kimberly Thompson with her quartet performing at "Marian's Jazzroom", Bern.

#6: Johan Wermeille performing live. 

#7: Tom Schuman Trio (drums: Lee Pearson) performing at "Marian's Jazzroom", Bern.

#8: Gregor Lisser Trio. Song: "Think Tank"









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