Lauper-Drums are exclusively made from top quality raw materials. The shells are easy to tune and deliver a wide frequency range, which guarantees best performance either in studio or on stage. Drop-in to find out caracteristics from all different wood and shell types. Or send a USB stick to get sound files and photos!

We rarely manufacture series drums, but mostly unique instruments – tailor made to every customer, after his ideas and for his needs. From 8“ to 28“ every shell diameter is available either in maple, birch, beech or any other wood  (other sizes on demand). The depths of shells can be chosen completely freely; even odd sizes are no problem. The drum heads are also chosen by the customer. You also choose your favorite bearing edges. (45, 30 degrees, round or your own idea) A very interesting option is to choose different woods for different drums in the same set, which means that you can have for example a maple bass drum, a beech snare drum and birch toms within the same drum set.

In general, we work on demand, so each ordered set is a signature item, but there are 3 series avaiable. All stained. Have a look in the "SETS" section.  Ask for technical details.


Stained, Oiled, Waxed, high gloss or matt laquering: All is possible

The procedure of lacquering was developed in several years of experimenting and is used in this way only by «Lauper-Drums». Despite the very shock resistant lacquering, the drum shell is not limited in its natural vibration behavior. And even more, it influences positively the sound of the drum. Also, that’s why our natural finishes are done with at least four layers of lacquer.

Of course it needs a lot of work and is expensive to apply 4 to 8 layers and to use exclusively highest quality lacquers and pigments, but anybody who ever tapped a lacquered Lauper shell with his thumb will hear why take so much trouble.

All color shadings and effects are mixed individually according to the wishes of our customers

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